Yogic Therapeutic Massage

All Yogic Science Massages as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

The Kundalini Yogi sees the body with awakened eyes. It is a microcosm of the universe. All the laws, energies, relationships and miraculous processes are enacted within its domain. Guru Nanak emphasized the body as a temple, a vehicle for experience that contains all the powers that can be gained from any outside source. The body is complex. Interconnected. Responsive. And it learns. The image we often hold of our body is as a fixed entity and this is very wrong. The body changes all its cells every few days. It constantly changes areas of itself- muscles and nerves- to growth in size and complexity according to demand and use. And the body is mostly invisible to us. It is under the skin. It has functions and senses that operate outside of our awareness. – Yogi Bhajan

Yogic Science: Anti Stress Massage: £39.00 – 1 hour

This science of yogic anti stress massage is to experience a deep state of relaxation. This technique is recommended for people who have high stress-levels and a fast-pace life and who find it difficult to relax; for people suffering from anxiety and/or panic attacks; for people with an imbalanced or damaged nervous system; for people with fertility issues; and for anyone wanting to experience a truly deep state of relaxation. In this yogic anti-stress massage twelve specific nerve points often know as marma points and nadis (meridians) are massaged to clear energy blockages around the body. During this session we will work on five points on the front of the body and seven on the back massaging them in sequence, allowing the nervous system to deeply relax and rejuvenate. We recommend 10 consecutive treatments to let the body fully restore itself to its natural stress-free state, but even just one treatment will leave you feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated.

Yogic Science: Rejuvenation Technique: Unblocking the healing process: £39.00 – 1 hour

The Kundalini energy is awareness itself. It organizes all the other energies in the body. If its flow is open and correct, healing results occur with almost miraculous impact. Our fears and attachments often disturb the normal flow of energy and functioning of the first three chakras. When that flow is opened and reconnected to the higher centers, the nervous system, glands and chakras all synchronize. A deep rejuvenation cascades throughout the body. This treatment focuses on tapping the energy locked in the 2nd and 3rd chakras. It is released by linking pairs of meridian points that act as polarities to each other- like poles of a battery. They are called moon and sun points. Then the energy is guided through the higher centers and stabilized by adjusting the pituitary, pineal and thyroid centers.

Yogic Science: Total Body Balance Reflex Technique: £39.00 – 1 hour

Some of the Kundalini Massage techniques provoke innate defense mechanisms of the body. For example, the Kundalini Yogi’s daily morning ritual is to shower in cold water to trigger a “divers reflex” when water hits the forehead it shifts the blood flow in all the capillaries, as long as the water is cold enough. This massage technique uses a response to pressure. It senses it is being pushed off balance and immediately shifts the energy to create stability. It activates and changes the distribution of energy from the third chakra.

Yogic Science: Clearing Tears and Sorrows: £39.00 – 1 hour

The body can hold old traumas. So some massage techniques are to release those old patterns. The patterns are held in place by a distribution of energy in the meridians and muscles. That pattern recreates the emotion repeatedly. It is not like a quantity of emotion is stored. So you can clear a little emotion or huge amounts quickly if you simply break the old pattern and initiate a new one. This massage helps the student release old sorrows, tears and grief form past relationships. By keeping the old patterns of thoughts and feelings they might seem to resist their own healing efforts. This opens the heart center to a feeling of newness and fresh possibilities. It given smoothly by switching quickly form one set of points to the next.

Thai Yoga Massage: £40.00 – 1.5 hours

The massage recipient changes into loose, comfortable clothing and lies on a mat or firm mattress on the floor. Conscious touch combining gentle rocking, stretching and firm acupressure techniques; this massage will help improve your flexibility, stimulate blood circulation and increase vitality. Thai Yoga massage is a meditation practice for both practitioner and participant evoking stillness, relaxation and peace.